Thursday, September 8, 2016

Compliments for our Students!

This year, as a staff we are reading How To Train A Wild Elephant by Jan Chozen Bays.  The book focuses on mindfulness and the opportunities to grow within yourself by practicing various "mindful" strategies. Many of the strategies are simple, to the point and can be incorporated into daily life.  I think the big idea, is the fact (at least for me) when I really think about some of these techniques and try to fold them into my days, they truly make a difference in regard to how I feel emotionally, socially and physically.  

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Yesterday, we were given the reading assignment of Chapter 6-"True Compliments".  The gist is to give "true compliments, compliments that are specific to the person and the area you want to highlight.  I love the final thought: "Kind words are a gift.  They create wealth in the heart."(p.41).

I relate this strategy very clearly to complimenting our students throughout the day and even more specifically through reading and writing conferences.  My friends Beth Moore and Stacey Shubitz at Two Writing Teachers have some wonderful posts on complimenting students.  Here are links to a three posts that are worth reading as you think of complimenting throughout your day, week, and year with our students.  Happy complimenting!

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