Friday, March 25, 2016

Oh my, my, NEW BOOKS!

This week some new arrivals have been added to the library in the PD office. YEAH!  I'm very excited to get reading these books. Here's a quick book buzz for each.  I think I'm going to start with The Big Book of Details by Rozlyn Linder, it has a great chapter for our current opinion/argument writing unit, "Details that Convince: Opinions, Persuasion and Arguments".  How great does that sound? Stay tuned for specifics about this chapter!

Product Details
This book by Kylene Beers and Robert
Probst is the companion to Notice and Note
that I featured in a previous blog post.  It includes
strategies for attentive reading, analyzing author's
craft, and fixing up confusions!
Product Details
Handy bookmarks that give
students a quick reminder
about the signposts
for both fiction and nonfiction.
Product Details
This one could be my new favorite!
I love the way it is organized, it's similar
to The Reading Strategies Book.  This book
focuses on 46 "moves" for teaching elaboration!

Product Details
A new read aloud that I'll be using with
sixth grade classes.  Written by one of my favorite authors,
 Eve Bunting, the strong theme in this book is that standing
up for what you know is right is not always easy!
Product Details
Written by two leaders in the Teacher's College Reading
and Wriitng Project, this brand new book will be released on April 28.
I can't wait! I'm so excited to add more tools to my DIY Literacy toolbox!

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