Friday, January 1, 2016

The Reading Strategies Book

Many of us at EMES have been using Jennifer Serravallo's The Reading Strategies Book for a wide variety of purposes.  The book is incredibly user friendly and a quick get started guide for teaching hundreds of reading strategies.  What I love most about the book is that it really gets me thinking about how I can use the strategies as written, or adapt and expand depending on who I'm working with, it's a pretty exciting teaching tool!

Recently, I've been working with the book developing  ideas around reading stamina/engagement strategies for students in grades K-3.  As I was reading through lessons, I decided to make a chart for myself of the strategies I liked the best, and the strategies I'm going to give a go.  Here is a copy of my thinking.  Please feel free to use and offer feedback.

The Reading Strategies Book~Stamina Lessons & Grade Levels

Good fit for this grade level

Possible fit for this grade level




A Perfect Reading Spot
2.1/p. 48

Vary the Length or Type of Text~“Break Reads”
2.2/p. 49

Reread to Get Back in Your Book
2.3/p. 50

Keep Your Eyes and Mind in the Book
2.4/p. 51

Retell and Jump Back In
2.5/p. 52

Set a Timed Goal
2.8/p. 55

Most Desirable/Least Desirable
2.9 p. 56

“Party” Ladder
2.10/p. 57

Go/Stop Mat
2.11/p. 58

Mind Over Matter
2.13/p. 60

Track Progress on a Stamina Chart * copy below
2.14/p. 61

Choose Like Books for a Best Fit
2.15/p. 62

Choose Books with Your Identity in Mind
2.16/p. 63

Reading Log Reflection
2.18/p. 65

Finding Reading Territories
2.19/p. 66

You’ve Got to “Get It” to Be Engaged
2.21/p. 68

Set Page Goals
2.23/p. 70

Monitor Your Stamina and Pace
2.25/p. 72

In other The Reading Strategies Book news, a "follower" of Jen's, Stephanie Affinito, put together an If...Then...chart to accompany the book. Here is the link to that chart. (Just copy and paste to your browser.)
Both the chart and book are really great ways to quickly focus on goals and strategies our readers might need!

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