Monday, January 11, 2016


Two Writing Teachers is an amazing  blog that has become one of my all time favorites.  Each morning, I read this blog as one of my first tasks of the day.  The blog inspires me to be a better teacher, to research, to plan, to take risks, to contemplate what type of writer I might be able to grow into.

Each year, at TWT, contributors are invited to choose "One Little Word" (OLW) to inspire them, or aspire to for the forthcoming year.  It's a New Year's resolution of sorts.  During the last two weeks, I've enjoyed reading OLW posts by the co-authors of Two Writing Teachers.  I've reread and reflected on their chosen words.  Words like:  joy, gratitude, patience, focus, and time.  I like all these words, in fact many of them I love, but now it's my turn to choose my word.

As writers have stated about their OLW, their word really ended up choosing them, and so did mine.  As I pondered the magnitude of choosing just one word, it was one word that kept creeping I connected to, and there it was, CONNECTIONS

This year, I aspire to make new, keep old, solidify and honor CONNECTIONS that exist in this hectic life of mine. I want to seek out connections both old and new.  I need to refresh connections that have lingered in the sidelines a bit and seek out those that are waiting to be found.  It reminds me of the old Girl Scout lyrics, "Make new friends (CONNECTIONS), but keep the old, one is silver and the other's gold."  

CONNECTIONS abound in my everyday life.  I begin most workday mornings at a 6 a.m. Jazzercise class with a wonderful group of like-minded early risers.  We connect with a quick word, a nod, a smile, knowing that these first connections of the day are part of us, our community.  We support each other through everyday life, injuries, illness, loss and gain in more ways than one.

CONNECTIONS at school and work are sometimes slow and deliberate, other times hurried and on the fly.  The connections I make daily with students are real, honest, joyful, celebratory and sometimes painful as I watch them in their struggles. CONNECTIONS with my colleagues and cohorts, my partners in crime, feed my passion for the hard work we do everyday. 

CONNECTIONS with my family are the core of my being.  The sun still rises and sets in the connection I share with my husband of 28 years.  Being the youngest of six children, I have siblings, in-laws, nieces and nephews I hold close and dear.  I'm grateful and honored to still share CONNECTIONS with my mom at 90, and my mother-in-law at 93.  Each and every connection with these people lifts me up and reminds that love and family come first.

So, it's CONNECTIONS for me this year.  My "One Little Word", I like it.  Thanks for finding me, CONNECTIONS, I can't wait to see what wonders you have in store for 2016.

I'd love my EMES comrades to comment with their "One Little Word".

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