Wednesday, September 2, 2015

What I'm Reading This Week

This week, I've been reading Colleen Cruz's new book, The Unstoppable Writing Teacher.  It's a fairly quick read with well organized chapters so you can find what you need for the moment.

As I've been reading, I've been thinking a lot about our WCSU Inservice Day and the theme of "rigor".  I  found Colleen's thoughts  from p. 27 thought provoking in regard to rigor and independence during writing workshop.

"If our young writers rarely get to experience that uncomfortable butt-in seat feeling, where writing is challenging and might not even work right, we are taking away an opportunity for them to learn that they can fail and still be okay.  In fact, in writing as it is with many other disciplines, often the best ideas come from failures.  By not letting them fail, we can ironically undermine the very self-confidence we are trying to protect." 

Sheila Paterson was lucky enough to spend a week with Colleen as one of her leaders at TCRWP this summer. I'm sure she can share many other tips regarding Colleen's insight and helpful advice on teaching reading and writing to our students.

Product Details
ISBN # 978-0-325-06248-8
The book is available to borrow in the EMES PD Office!  

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