Friday, September 11, 2015

We're off and RUNNING!

WOW, what a great week of PD sessions!   I am truly amazed and in awe over the professionalism that lives and breathes right here at EMES!  This week's PD sessions were filled with thoughtful conversations about students. Each team brings their own expertise to the table.  It has been wonderful to add the U-Arts teachers into our mix this year.  Thank you all for your dedication and care of our students.
This week I've been working on Early Literacy Screenings in the K classrooms.  What a joy it has been for me to spend time with our youngest learners.  These bright eyed K students have given me great pause as I've listened to them rhyme, count out words in sentences, and remove segments from words.  What wonderful small people they are!   I look forward to watching them grow over the course of the year.
Next week we'll begin the challenging work of calibrating and scoring narrative pre-assessment pieces.  This week in PD we set the stage for this work.  Our process for next week will be:

  1. Review learning progressions for narrative writing.
  2. Examine benchmark pieces, TCRWP student samples, TCRWP annotated samples, EMES benchmark samples.
  3. Norm/Calibrate/score a piece together, working as a group score line item by line item.
  4. Score another piece individually, then discuss and come to consensus on the scoring as a group.
  5. Work alone to assess other pieces.

This will be challenging, important work. It will set the stage for our future work in this unit.

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